Module resolution

Module resolution is the process of converting a module identifier to a module's file path. The nodejs_resolver is used in Rspack for module path resolution, which is an extension to the node module resolution algorithm with the same interface as enhanced-resolve, see resolution configuration for detailed resolve configuration.


Rspack supports the following three kinds of file paths:

Absolute paths

import '/home/me/file';

Since this path is already an absolute path, there is usually no need to do further parsing, just return the path directly.

Relative paths

import './src/answer';

In this case, the directory where the resource files using import and require are located is considered the context directory. The relative path given in import/require is spelled out with that context directory path to generate the absolute path to the module.

Module paths

import 'lodash';

Module paths are those that do not start with './', '../', '/'. In this case, Rspack will resolve the absolute path of the module according to the module resolution rules. The node module resolution algorithm has a detailed description of the rules for resolve modules.