Rspack enhances its compilation capabilities through a rich ecosystem of plugins. These plugins fall into the following categories:

Webpack-aligned Built-in Plugins

To align with webpack's functionality, Rspack has replicated most of webpack's built-in plugins. They maintain the same naming and configuration parameters as closely as possible and provide the same features.

Rspack-only Built-in Plugins

Combining its own implementation characteristics, Rspack offers several unique plugins as alternatives to corresponding plugins from the webpack ecosystem, aiming to deliver more efficient performance.

Compatible Plugins from the webpack Ecosystem

Rspack strives to maintain compatibility with the webpack plugin ecosystem to leverage the excellent features that have been accumulated and validated by the community. Please refer to the Plugin Compatibility List to access a list of webpack plugins that have passed our compatibility tests.

Community Plugins

You can check out the community Rspack plugins at awesome-rspack.

Welcome to add the plugins you developed to this repository.