Plugin compat

This index lists the compatibility status of some commonly community plugins in Rspack.

The support status of Rspack for the built-in plugins in webpack can be refer to Webpack-aligned built-in plugins.

Note that the table only lists some common community plugins. For plugins that are not mentioned, you can verify their functionality on your own. Feel free to add more plugins to the current document.

PluginSupport statusNotes
copy-webpack-plugin🔵 Included
Use CopyRspackPlugin instead
mini-css-extract-plugin🔵 Included
tsconfig-paths-webpack-plugin🔵 Included
@sentry/webpack-plugin🟢 Compatible
Support for the plugin version v1.20.1 and above has been implemented in v0.3.3
@vanilla-extract/webpack-plugin🟢 Compatible
case-sensitive-paths-webpack-plugin🟢 Compatible
useBeforeEmitHook option not supported
clean-webpack-plugin🟢 Compatible
compression-webpack-plugin🟢 Compatible
css-minimizer-webpack-plugin🟢 Compatible
Rspack provides LightningCssMinimizerRspackPlugin and SwcCssMinimizerRspackPlugin to deliver better performance
dotenv-webpack🟢 Compatible
eslint-webpack-plugin🟢 Compatible
fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin🟢 Compatible
friendly-errors-webpack-plugin🟢 Compatible
html-minimizer-webpack-plugin🟢 Compatible
html-webpack-plugin🟢 Compatible
Support for this plugin was implemented in v0.3.3, please upgrade the Rspack version to use it
json-minimizer-webpack-plugin🟢 Compatible
license-webpack-plugin🟢 Compatible
moment-locales-webpack-plugin🟢 Compatible
Support for this plugin was implemented in v0.7.0, please upgrade the Rspack version to use it
monaco-editor-webpack-plugin🟢 Compatible
node-polyfill-webpack-plugin🟢 Compatible
stylelint-webpack-plugin🟢 Compatible
terser-webpack-plugin🟢 Compatible
Rspack provides SwcJsMinimizerRspackPlugin to deliver better performance
webpack-bundle-analyzer🟢 Compatible
webpack-stats-plugin🟢 Compatible
@pmmmwh/react-refresh-webpack-plugin🟡 Alternative
webpack-manifest-plugin🟡 Alternative
webpack-virtual-modules🟡 Alternative
workbox-webpack-plugin🟡 Alternative
image-minimizer-webpack-plugin🟡 Partially compatible
Only supports using loader standalone
pnp-webpack-plugin🔴 Incompatible
resolve.plugins option not supported
progress-bar-webpack-plugin🔴 Incompatible
rspack.ProgressPlugin function option not supported
webpack-subresource-integrity🔴 IncompatibleTo be implemented
webpackbar🔴 Incompatible
rspack.ProgressPlugin function option not supported

Additionally, you can check out the community Rspack plugins at awesome-rspack.