Future behavior

Breaking Changes

During the 0.y.z phase, Rspack may include breaking changes only when upgrading the minor (y) version, and ensures backward compatibility when upgrading the patch (z) version.

After reaching version 1.0.0, we will adhere to semver for version management.

Future Default Behavior (Rspack Future)

Rspack provides some experimental features in experiments.rspackFuture. These features will become the default behavior in the future, but they are currently not default and need to be explicitly enabled in the configuration file.



default value ~unchanged~

Current versionIt's open for migration. The default behavior remains unchanged.

default value ~applied~

Next minorThe default behavior is changed to the latest one. Turning off this new behavior is still an option, check outexperiments.rspackFuturefor the way to do it , but you should migrate to the new behavior as soon as possible.
RemovedMinor/Major after next minorThe migration should be completed. The old behavior and its corresponding option is removed. At the time, please refer to the migration guide or release note for the new behavior.